Thursday, February 27, 2014

Dr. William Knudson Encourages Patients to Ask About New Laser Treatment

Acclaimed podiatrist Dr. William Knudson has recently introduced a new form of laser therapy for his patients’ toes and feet. This therapy has been especially useful in the elimination of onychomycosis, also known as tinea unguium or dermatophytic onychomycosis. The laser is also intended to cure warts and aid in scar reduction.

Dr. William Knudson notes that fungus is often visible, as the person’s nails turn yellow or appear discolored. When the infection takes hold, the nail could turn brittle or become totally separated from the toe. Nail infection is most common in adults over the age of 60.

Nail infection is usually the result of direct contact with dermatophytes. Dr. William Knudson and other leading podiatrists explain that nail fungus feeds off keratin, which serves as the major component of a individual’s nails. Anyone could be at risk for infection since these dermatophytes are found in various locations throughout the environment. Nail infection can be contracted in a number of different locations. The most common areas include gyms, swimming pools and nail spas. A pair of tight-fitting, uncomfortable shoes can also result in a bout with nail infection.

In earlier cases, Dr. William Knudson has treated patients with drugs – oral or topical. Now, says Dr. Knudson, laser treatments are incredibly attractive for top podiatrists wishing to help patients restore their nails and eliminate infections. The various benefits and drawbacks can be addressed before administration of this treatment.

Dr. William Knudson begins treatment by pointing the laser beam directly at the patient’s nail, as well as the skin tissue surrounding the nail. He reports that patients have exhibited no negative effects upon receiving treatment. A recent medical publication showed that 88 percent of study participants showed improvement  just 16 weeks after treatment. Dr. William Knudson has seen that it may take a full year for the nail to be entirely clear.