Thursday, December 25, 2014

Dr. William Knudson Helps Patients Keep Feet Healthy During Winter

With temperatures dropping across the country, now is the time for snow boots and winter coats. Here, Dr. William Knudson offers patients a few pieces of advice about maintaining the health of their feet this winter.

Q: When patients arrive in your office, with which type of foot problems are they typically presenting?

Dr. William Knudson:  Most of my patients deal with extremely dry skin in the winter months. In the medical community, seasonal eczema has been proven to affect heels, toes and cuticles. One of the most effective ways for my patients to prevent dry skin is to have a regular pedicure. This routine helps to keep the feet moisturized while removing dead skin.

Q: What other methods might be productive for your patients?

Dr. William Knudson: One recommendation is the Healthy Feet Duo Kit, which features a foot cream and foot scrub. These items can help lock in moisture and keep feet from experiencing any major health issues or conditions.

Q: Is there a particular brand of shoes that works best in the wintertime?

Dr. William Knudson: Well, it’s definitely imperative to invest money in a quality pair of winter shoes that are comfortable. When shopping for footwear, look for waterproof or slip soles that have excellent arch support. As an added precautionary measure, choose a thick pair of socks with more durable materials.

Q: Do home remedies or techniques work well in these situations and/or what might you suggest?

Dr. William Knudson: By walking barefoot at home, I think that people naturally stabilize the arches of the feet while creating balance among all points of the foot. Daily stretches can help to prevent stiffness, aches and pains due to colder weather.