Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Foot Care Beyond 50: Dr. William Knudson Offers Advice On Arthritic Pain

Foot damage can begin as early as your 40s, says Dr. William Knudson. However, easing arthritic foot pain is a life-long process. 

People entering their midlife may find that certain aspects of aging are not as relaxing as they’d hoped, says Dr. William Knudson. Years of overuse can take its toll on the feet. Feet began to show signs of wear as early as the 40s. There are, fortunately, steps that can be taken to negate the damage.

According to Dr. William Knudson, the first line of defense is to open up a conversation with your doctor. A qualified podiatrist or rheumatologist should be consulted at least once a year past the age of 45. More frequent exams may be needed if you’re experiencing foot pain.

Dr. William Knudson also recommends spending a little extra money on high-quality, supportive footwear. High heels and flip-flops should be worn sparingly as they put undue pressure on the balls of the feet. Choose a shoe that is wide enough to accommodate the foot without pressing on calluses or bunions.

Exercise, explains Dr. William Knudson, is good for the body, mind, and heart - and the feet as well. Flexibility exercises are essential to those who have or are at-risk for arthritis. The Achilles tendon should receive special attention and a little bit of toe wiggling can go a long way to increase the mobility of the lower extremities. An occasional foot massage doesn’t hurt either, says the Leesburg, Virginia-based podiatrist.

Exercise and self-care is a life-long process that can help thwart foot pain before it starts, according to Dr. William Knudson. With age, however, comes the possibility that you’ll need to consider orthotic devices such as braces or shoe inserts. More severe cases of foot pain or deformity may require surgery. An experienced podiatrist can help you decide what method of pain relief is right for you.